Beverage | Food | Lubrication Industry

When dispensing liquids it is key that the solenoid valves operate very accurately in order to dispense precisely the amount needed. In addition, our solenoid valves come with very long life-time and are compatible with almost all liquids you may use. Specific manufacturing methods to ensure:


  • 100% flow rate control
  • minimum tolerances
  • precise repeatability


Agriculture | Food, sanitary | Textile | Paper

Suitable solenoid valves need to be compatible with a variety of liquids. From herbizides in the agricultural field, coatings in textile, or any other media. We have extensive experience in many other industries such as food, sanitary, and paper, just to name a few. High frequency ( up to 200Hz) is key to many applications in these industries.


  • 100% flow rate control
  • minimum tolerances
  • precise repeatability



Fertilization and water application to plants. Very often in orchards. Valves have to be protected as they are exposed to the ambient. Quite often our valves are used for piloting of high-flow valves.

Economic solenoid valves available,

  • Impulse valves
  • Low power consumption
  • Battery operation possible

Process Control

Physio therapy | Fire Extinguishing

Process control is required in a number of very different applications. Fire extinguishing and physio therapy are just 2 examples for completely different environments.

  • fire extinguishing: high pressure valves (up to 170bar) for CO2 or other gases.
  • 100% reliability is requested. Therefore, 100% valve tests are carried out. zero leakage is a must, stem is machined from one piece: Result: NO leakage
  • physio therapy: manifolds can be built to reduce space, and assembly cost, and enable any required circuit. Low noise! Silent valve


Food | Packaging | Recycling

Applications for sorting are widely spread over different industries. Most often air valves are in use; Common requirements are high speed and repeatability, whatever actuators the valves operate, life-time is a key benefit as well as high frequency. modular systems are available - number of valves combined almost unlimited.

Ink Control

Printing | Manufaturing of printers | Paper

The selection of material for body, plunger, and seals is key to make solenoid valves work reliably in these applications. The secret is in the tolerances between the internals. Special blocks with individual valves, special designs are available. A challenge is the compatibility of internal parts with the liquid. Our vast experience helps big time to find the right solution for your request. Dead volume is minimum.

Vacuum Application

Medical, Surgery | Dental | PICK & PLACE

All these applications have something in common: compact solenoid valves with high reliability of seals, 100% reliability, body material can vary from plastics to stainless steel.

Just come and talk to us. We have just the right solution for your application.

Fluid Dosing

Pharmaceutical | Medical

Requirements are similar to dispensing, but more precise. Flow rates of the solenoid valves have to be within very tight tolerances.

Our method allows to ensure very small deviation. Springs being used have very low tolerances, too.

  • 100% quality control
  • Low flow
  • Valves for different viscosity available

Lubrication Control

Glass | Dental | Medical

Based on our experience to manufacture high precision solenoid valves, we can provide very economic valves with accuracy required and optimised material.


Constant flow with limited deviation. Material is selected to withstand the lubricant in use.

Leakage Testing

Instrumentation | Special Purpose Machines

This is another application where you can count on our long-time expertise.
Perfect sealing ensure correct and reliable test results

  • bubble tight,
  • ZERO leackage